The Cause

DFW Atheists Helping the Homeless is a non-profit organization, founded in March of 2012 in Dallas, Texas by LaDonna York, Jason Self, Brent Richison, and Marissa Lewis.

LaDonna feels a personal connection to the homeless of Dallas. As a child, she lived on the streets of Dallas and in several homeless shelters with her biological Mother and twin sister. As a family on the streets they still found time to volunteer which instilled a sense of charity in LaDonna. Later, after being raised in the foster care system, LaDonna anonymously volunteered for many of these organizations.

Brent gives to charities on a monthly basis and truly loves to help those less fortunate. When approached by LaDonna to be Co-Founder/Director, he jumped on the opportunity to be a part of something from the ground up. Brent also developed the website.

Jason and Marissa moved to the Fort Worth area recently and plan to make roots here in Texas. They are a vibrant couple who were looking for a way to get involved in their community. When hearing of DFW AHH needing Fort Worth directors, they graciously offered to take on the cause. In a very short period of time, they have proven to be incredibly valuable to our operation.

The mission of DFW AHH is to bring assistance and hope to the homeless through compassion, kindness and helping hands. DFW AHH embraces free thought, integrity, equality, and social responsibility. The founders of DFW AHH believe in leading by example and encouraging all people to help those less fortunate.

Good without gods,
LaDonna, Jason, & Marissa